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Start your Lifephoto daily planner any month of the year. Base it on your life’s activities.

Student Day Planner by Lifephoto

Think a calendar or day planner has to begin on January 1? Not at all. Often it makes more sense to structure it based on your lifestyle. And don’t forget, you can include all the photos you love on your day planner pages.

Teachers, Students and Moms

Your lifestyle year most likely begins in August. Start your day planner on August 1 and be sure to include all the important dates you’ll need to remember throughout the year: holidays, teacher’s convention,  field trips, spring break, last day of school!

Brides-to-Be, Mothers of the Bride

The biggest day of your life  (or your daughter’s life) begins on the wedding day. Two suggestions:

  1. Start your day planner a full year before the wedding month. Get all the important dates, appointments and decision dates loaded into your pages.
  2. Start a day planner for the bride beginning with her wedding month.

Check out the day planner options that Lifephoto offers you.

And don’t forget, FREE SHIPPING through August 2, 2010. Use coupon code PLANNERS10.

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