Five Photo Books Every Family Must Have

Since we’re really big on photo books and have been talking about the different and fun types of photo books you can put together to organize as well as showcase your photos, here is a roundup of the 5 must-have photo books for every family.

That’s right. Check these out and let us know if there is another type of photo book that is a must for every family:

1. A Birthday Photo Book

Yes, it is a classic and a must-have. Whether you create a kiddie birthday photo book or a 21st, 35th, or similar milestone birthday book is upto you but creating a photographic journey of one’s life is a must-have for every family. Better still, create a birthday photo book for everyone in the family!

 2. A Wedding Photo Book

Whether you put together a wedding photo book for yourself or your kids or grandkids make sure that you do create a wedding photo book. A marriage is a beautiful, sentimental occasion with a range of emotions and expressions captured in pictures. Creating a photo book showcasing a wedding in the family is a fantastic way of keeping those memories forever.

 3. A Fun Holiday Photo Book

Had a fun holiday to Disneyland? Visited an exotic South-east Asian country? Hiked and camped your way up the mountains? Whatever it is that you did, if it was a super-fun holiday, why not create a gorgeous photo book complete with notes and tidbits to relive those happy moments whenever, wherever.

 4. A Baby Photo Book

 Ahh.. another classic for every family’s collection. The birth of a baby is a joy-filled, blessed occasion and filled with a lot of photos. Capture the birth and baby’s first few months in an adorable photo book and you’ll have a great gift to give your bundle of joy when he or she grows up.

 5. A Couple-Only Photo Book

Finally, every family needs a couple-only photo book. One filled with beautiful, loving photos of a husband and wife. It is just what you need to leaf through when you’re having a rough day or missing a long-distance spouse.

So, which one will you be creating this month? Head over to the Lifephoto Facebook page and share with us.

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