Five Fun Ways to Display Photo Prints at Home

Photos have a great way of brightening up a room, adding character to a blank space and recreating happy moments.

Yes, photos mean a lot to us and make life sunnier, brighter, happier in their own small way.

However, stuffing photos into albums or boxes is not going to give you the joy that looking at them on an everyday basis will.

So, what do you do?

You find fun ways to display your photo prints without making your home look like a gallery. That’s right.

Here are five creative ways to display photos to help you get inspired:

1. Create a Collage

A collage is an easy way to display photos that center around a theme – holidays, birthdays, special occasions. Group photos, place them artistically on a blank sheet of paper and play around with the placements till you’re a 100% satisfied. Then, you can lightly glue them to the desired background and then, get it framed. Voila, instant photo art!

 2. Create a Photo Wall

Another simple way to display photos at home is to create a photo wall using a variety of frames that coordinate but aren’t too matchy-matchy. Again, you’ll need to play with the placements and the order of frames to make sure you have the ‘look’ just right. If coordinating different sized frames seems too complicated, just choose a single frame style and go with that. So, you can have a row of black, square frames or walnut, oval ones.

 3. Make a Photo Streamer

This is a fun project for a child’s room. You can put a dab of glue at the back of each photo, at the top edge and then, paste a ribbon or string on it. Alternatively, you can punch holes in the top edges of the photos and string them together. Fun and easy!

 4. Create a Photo Table Top

Do you have a bare, boring table lying around? Get a sheet of toughened glass cut to fit it. Place photos from your last family holiday or a special occasion in interesting arrangements on the table and cover it with the glass. A creative, unique, one-of-a-kind table decoration in next to no time.

 5. Create a Photo Stairway

Finally, if you have a stairway in your home, you can easily use it to display photos creatively. How about frames showing your children at different stages of life, from baby photos right at the bottom to their current age, right at the top?

Yes, photo prints can easily be displayed in many fun and creative ways adding life and color to our homes. That is why, this month, we’re offering you a 35% off on ALL photo prints. So, go ahead, print out those photos and create gorgeous displays.

How do you display your photos creatively?

 Photo Credit: JuJups

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