Eco-Friendly Photo Solutions for Green Families

It isn’t easy being green and a camera-happy parent. You love the photos but not everything else that comes along with it.

Are you distressed by the amount of paper that your love for photography consumes? Or maybe it is the toxicity of inks used in printing out those photos?

As an eco-friendly and green family, photography and its consumption of paper, ink and resources can often make you cringe, right?

Well, not anymore. Here are some easy eco-friendly photo solutions for the green and environmentally responsible photographer:

1. Print Green

Start off by making sure that you use eco-friendly printing solutions, such as EarthTru prints. EarthTru prints use post-consumer reclaimed paper, acid-free gloss and non-toxic inks. Safe for the planet and budget-friendly for you too.

2. Share Digitally Where Possible

While printing out all those cute baby photos can be a tempting idea, pause for a while. Do you really want five copies of chubby hands and feet? Instead, if you’d like grandparents, aunts and uncles to see how cute your little one is, think about sharing the photos digitally. is a great option should you decide to share your photos digitally.

However, at Lifephoto too, we offer you FREE photo sharing and storage solutions through our Photo Gallery. You can share your photos through e-cards and ebooks too or on Facebook too!

Plus you get a host of other benefits when you create your Lifephoto gallery.

Yes, at Lifephoto, we do make going green with photos an easy job.

3. Make Photos Do Double Duty

We all have our favorite photos. The ones that we like to look at all the time and share them with others too. Yeah, I know.

So, instead of just putting them into an album where they’ll be just images to look at, make them do some cool double duty. In a cost-effective, eco-friendly way.

Turn your favorite photos into photo books, calendars, day planners or paneled art, canvas prints and coffee table books. These are just some of the ways in which you can showcase your favorite prints while enjoying them as home decor items  or organizing tools too!

Do read our post on eco-friendly tips for photographers to learn more about going green with photos and don’t forget to connect with the Lifephoto community on Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned about our latest offerings and special promos!

What are your favorite eco-friendly photo solutions?

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