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If you’re a photo nut, then you’ve probably got hundreds of random digital photos that you’ve taken — just because. They might be of pets, wildlife, flowers or foliage, scenic views or who knows what! They don’t fall under the category of “family” photos or even “vacation photos.” They’re just shots of something that intrigued you.

This pup’s photo intrigued me.

I didn’t take it, but discovered it on a photo blog today — The Brenda Photo Challenge Blog. It reminded me that one way to get your fun photos out of mothballs … (from your computer, photo CD or flash drive) is to submit them to photo contests. This easy-reading blog puts out themed “photo challenges” from time to time. A recent theme was “Pets.” Here’s the photo on Donna’s post that reeled me in to participate. Of course, I was too late — minutes after submitting some photos, her post was updated to reflect the next photo challenge. Oh well.

The Next Photo Theme Challenge

The next photo challenge is themed “Highways and Bi-way — places that take you somewhere.” It could be a road or river, a hiking trail, a freeway or anything like that. Her deadline to enter is Saturday, October 17.

If you’re interested in participating, check out the blog for yourself. I’ve become a “fan” and will be following it on my RSS feed.

More Photo Challenge Fun

Stay tuned here for recommendations about other photo challenges and contests. In fact, I’ll be putting something together in the near future. Still working on the details, but I think we all have a lot of great photos we’d love to share — and this is a great medium on which to share them. Follow my posts by e-mail or RSS feed — or sign up to follow this blog on Facebook where you’ll hear my photo news first.

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