Day Planners: The Secret to a Planned, Stress-Free Summer

The summer can be quite chaotic and stressful, with the kids at home, the long days, and the hot weather.

Yes, if you don’t have a plan in place, chances are you’ll find summer a tough season to pass.

Enter day planners. A super-simple but highly effective tool to keep your season organized, stress-free and sane.

Here are some ways to use your day planner to create an enjoyable summer season:

Plan Daily Activities for the Kids

First things first, use your day planner to note down daily activity ideas for the kids. That way, even if you’re not going anywhere or enrolling them for camp activities, you’ll have an idea of how to keep them engaged and happy.

Jot Down Meal Ideas

Yes, menu planning is key for summer and if you don’t want to be eating junk the whole season, take out some time to note down a week’s worth of meal ideas in your planner. You’ll never be at a loss for what to give the kids for a mid-morning snack or what to cook for dinner.

Schedule Play Dates with Other Moms

If your kids get tired of playing with each other or if you have just the one child, make sure you pull out your phone book and planner and schedule a few play dates with other moms and kids. You’ll get to meet other grown-ups while the kids will have new company and playthings to play with. Win-win!

Create Slots for Me-Time

Finally, since it can be easy to lose track of your own self in the midst of caring for everyone else in the family, use your planner to pencil in exclusive time for your self. Whether it is a daily walk in the evening or a weekly manicure, make sure you schedule it. Writing it down will ensure that you don’t push it to the backburner or forget about it and will enable you to plan your other activities around your ‘me-time’.

Yes, a day planner can be vital to organizing and streamlining an otherwise busy and hectic season. Writing down appointments, ideas, schedules and more will prevent mommy brain and give you a clear idea of how your day is planned, even before you start it. Add photos to your planner and you’ll have a personalized photo day planner that you’ll absolutely love using as well.

Ready to create a stress-free summer season? Create your own personalized photo day planner right now!

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