Cute Graphics for Your Valentine Cards

Make Your Own Valentine Cards Online with Photos and Graphics

You can make a very special Valentine card that your friends will treasure. Easy. Fast. Online.

Upload a fun photo or special graphic to Choose from several photo card formats and papers:

  • 5″x7″ flat, one-sided cards printed on metallic photo paper. Very cool with hot colors or a dazzling photo. Envelopes included.
  • 5″x7″ flat, one-sided cards printed on photo paper. Slimline style. Envelopes included.
  • Two sizes, flat or folded photo greeting cards.  Four different card stock choices. Envelopes included.
  • Accordion cards. 8 sides will hold lots of photos and messages. Envelopes included.

Find Cute Valentine Graphics for Your Photo Cards

The graphics above are just a few of the dozens of free clip art designs you can get on the free Microsoft Clip Art site. Search the site for Valentine, hearts, love, cupid and other similar terms. I found at least 3 dozen graphics that I uploaded to my computer. As you make your Valentine card (or Valentine photo book, photo day planner or other Valentine photo gift), just upload the graphics you want to your project folder on Then place them as you would any photo.

Have fun making your Valentine photo cards and your friends will be blown away with your creativity!

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