Crazy Fun Photo Cards You Can Make

Wisconsin couple gets more creative each year with photo Christmas cards

photo Christmas card

Dick and Jane (yes, their real names!) have a lot of fun planning each year’s very personalized Christmas photo card. This year they did a spoof on a much-viewed TV commercial.

Dick and Jane have been dreaming up fun holiday photo cards for years. They have a professional photographer, Debbie Metzelfeld, set up and take the photos. Then Debbie has them printed at pro lab Apollo Photo-Imagizing, sister company of That means an amateur — yet clever — photographer like most of us can also have zany cards printed — using the Lifephoto site.

Continue reading to see inside of this card and links to full gallery of their photo cards.

photo card inside

Here are links to the newspaper article about Dick and Jane, as well as a gallery of their photo cards and a video about how this year’s photo/card was created.

Now start planning a zany Christmas card for next year!

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