Cool Christmas Memory Book to Share on Facebook

Photo Memory Book Sharing is Hot Right Now!

Photo book

Here’s yet another family Christmas memory book that my friend made several years ago.

I’m sharing it with you here — and on Facebook and Twitter — because Lifephoto has designed a unique photo book sharing tool for its customers. No extra cost — just a lot of extra sharing that can go on with your photo books. Take a look at every page in this nostalgic look back on a family Christmas.

Family Christmas Memory Book to Share

Photo books start at $6.95 for 20 pages.

That means you can include 40-50 photos! Order them for family members — or e-mail them the link to preview the book and they can order it themselves from a link on the previewer. And don’t forget — you can put a link to your photo book previewer on Facebook, Twitter, Web sites and other social media. How cool is that!

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