Christmas 2009 Memory Book: Start Taking Photos Now

Take Lots of Digital Photos Throughout the Christmas Season

Let me show you what you can do with holiday photos after the parties, the dinners and the open houses are over.

Here is a link to a “turning page” photo sharing previewer of a book that a friend of mine put together last Christmas. It brings back “warm & fuzzy” memories to everyone who views it. Take a look, then we’ll talk about how easy it is to make one and how easy it is to share a photo memory book with family and friends through e-mail and on Facebook or Twitter.

Can’t you just picture your own family Christmas book?

Photo Books Are Easy to Make

If you haven’t made a photo book before, you can’t imagine how easy it is to do:

  1. Upload your photos to
  2. Select a cover type, book size, paper choice and a layout template.
  3. Let Lifephoto’s software automatically fill the book with your photos — in a flash! Or you can place the photos on the pages yourself.
  4. Change the layout/number of photos on each page if you wish — or stick to the original template you selected.
  5. Add text wherever you wish.
  6. View your book in progress during each step.
  7. Order your book or share your book by e-mail, on Facebook or Twitter.

Photo Books Are Inexpensive

A 20-page softcover 6″x4″ photo book is just $6.95. A 20-page hardcover 8″x8″ photo book is $25.99. An 8″x12″ hardcover 20-page book is just $27.99.

Start Uploading Your Photos Today!

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