Capture the School Year with a Personalized Photo Book

School season is here and the excitement is palpable as kids gear up with their fun notebooks and new backpacks and parents are breathing a sigh of relief as they wait for the bus to arrive. Yes, a new school year is always special. Almost like a New Year itself!

Make sure you capture the moments of this school year with your kids in a personalized photo book. Wanna know why? Read on to find out:

School Memories are Special

Ten or even twenty years down the line, your li’l girl would love looking at her photos on the first day of preschool. A personalized photo book capturing all the special moments of her very 1st year at school is a great gift idea for a 21st birthday or even, a wedding.

Not just preschool, school memories are special for tweens and teens too. How about putting together a School Sports photobook, capturing photos from the 1st match right down to the last one of the year? You could do that for high school year as well.

Perfect Way to Use All those Photos

Besides the fact that a photo book is a great way to capture memories, it is also a fantastic way to use all those photos that you click of the kids getting onto the bus, playing football, doing ballet or acting on stage.

Forget about stashing them away in shoeboxes or albums and instead, upload them, add a few personal details and create cool photobooks that your kids would love to hold on to…always.

Great Teacher Gifts

Most parents make it for nearly every school function and occasion, and capture it on camera as well. A personalized photo book created with all those candid shots at school bake sales, sports events and plays will make a great gift for the kids’ class teacher too. She’ll love having a book filled with happy memories of all the fun they had through the year and hopefully, forget about the chaos the kids created in class!

Let Grandparents Share a Child’s School Year

If your kids’ grandparents are forever feeling left out of their school events and happenings, capture it all for them in a photo book and gift it to them on their birthdays or on Christmas. They’ll see how cute their granddaughter looked in her first tutu and can share in the excitement of their grandson’s football match. Isn’t that lovely?!

Affordable, Personalized Photo Solutions

Photo Books from Lifephoto come in 4 different sizes making it super-easy for you to choose a size that is just right for your family and with 2 different cover choices as well. So, you can choose from Soft cover & Photo Cover along with the following sizes:





Plus, they start at just $12.95 for a 20-page book. Talk about affordable!

So, go ahead and check out our photo books, take all the photos from the last school year and create a photo book or two NOW.

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