Capture Holiday Memories — 16 Tips for Better Digital Photos

Get your digital camera ready for holiday photos

These tips are just too good to pass up. Darren Rowse has offered up these great suggestions to help you get ready for holiday picture-taking. I’m passing them along to you and recommend reading all 16 of his tips! Then you’ll be ready to make some fun photo gifts or maybe even a 2009 Christmas photo memory book with all the great pictures you took!

Here’s a photo book made by a friend of mine after last year’s holiday season! You can do the same — easily! Then e-mail the same kind of photo sharing previewer to your family and friends — or put it out on Facebook or Twitter! So easy when you upload your photos to

16 Digital Photography Tips for Christmas

by Darren Rowse (from

It’s just a few days until Christmas so I thought a quick tutorial on the topic of Christmas Photography might be appropriate. Hopefully this will give you some good Christmas photo ideas.

Here are 16 Christmas Photography tips and ideas to try that come to mind for digital camera owners wanting to capture the big day:

1. Prepare – Making a List, checking it twice….

Making sure you’re ready to capture any planned event is part of the key to a successful shoot. Getting yourself ready but also the location of your shots is worthwhile.

* Pack the camera – goes without saying? I forgot mine last year in the rush to get the car packed.
* Make sure your batteries are charged and you have extras and/or the recharger packed.
* Pack extra memory cards – have them empty and ready to fill up
* Put someone on ‘photos’ – our family has someone on drinks, main course, dessert – why not put someone on ‘photos’ so that in the craziness of the day they don’t get forgotten.
* Consider the light in the room that you’ll be photographing in. Is there enough light? Will you need a flash? Are the backgrounds too cluttered and distracting?

2. A White Balance Christmas

Here in Australia we often celebrate Christmas outdoors, but many people around the world do it inside in unnatural lighting. Pay attention to what type of light you’re shooting in and set your white balance settings accordingly. Alternatively, if you’ve got a camera that shoots in RAW you can shoot away and set your white balance later.

Photo by paper by design

3. Set up a DIY ‘Photo Booth’

Read the remaining 14 tips from Darren Rowse.

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