Best Photo Shots in New York City

New York offers terrific photo opps

You can never get bored in New York.  Too many sights to see. Too many ethnic restaurants. Too many entertainment venues. Way too many shopping districts! And a never-ending array of great photo opportunities.

Pack your digital camera

red riding hood in Times Square

But how can you capture the true look and feel of New York? Aim your digital camera upward and you’ll see dizzying views of the city’s skyscrapers. Visit Times Square and you can capture the lights, the glitz and the sometimes gaudy glamour of the people there. Central Park gives you an unending choice of photo opps — famous buildings surrounding it, unique park settings, even celebrities on their morning run.

Finding the best photo spots

On my recent trip to New York, I met with a professional photographer who actually gives photo tours of NYC. Amadou Diallo is a New York photographer and photography instructor who has  authored a book entitled The Fifty Greatest Photo Opportunities in New York City. His tours are called PhotoTourNYC.

The photo tours last about three to four hours, with one photographer for every five people on the tour. A very reasonable $65 per person is charged.  Participants get individual assistance with camera focus, settings, lenses, angles, lighting, etc. It’s a moving tour that takes you to several different locations in the city. You choose the aspect of the city in which you are most interested:

NYC Pier

Amadou and I visited Chelsea, the trendy Meatpacking District and Battery Park — several intriquing areas with photo opps that would not be found in a casual visit to those areas. My digitial camera was snapping away at the unique city scenes, the beauty of the esplanade along the Hudson River and skyline.

If you’re heading to New York, sign up online for a photo tour, pack your digital camera and an extra memory card to be sure you’ll get all those great city shots!

And when you return home, upload those photos to and create some photo treasures with your snapshots!

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