Beautiful Lists

If you are like me you have lists floating everywhere. I have notes jotted down in the car, digital lists on my iPhone and a collection of papers on my refrigerator. I don’t particularly enjoy looking at any of these lists. My new favorite tool for these lists is my custom dry erase board by Lifephoto.

Now, my grocery list neatly grows as I cook, the kids can erase the chores when the complete them (they love the erasing part), and best of all my collection of lists seem to automatically shrink.

I am a big fan of little things that make my life easier! Above all else, Lifephoto allows you to customize the dry erase boards with pictures and themed designs. The dry erase board can take the look and feel you choose. They make amazing gifts, you might want to check Mother’s Day gift off your list!

View the custom selection of dry erase boards here.

By Isabelle Thornton

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