Be a Digital Photo Hero for the Kindergarten Class

Plan a first-day-of-school memory book for the class.

Be  all-inclusive in the photos you take at school and you can be the class hero.

Besides snapping photos of your child, the teacher, the classroom and the playground,  take digital photos of all the kids in your child’s class — together as a group, in small groups or clusters and individually. Get a couple of shots of every child to ensure each child will be in the book. Then make up a photo memory book that can be distributed by e-mail (using the free online flipping-book version) to the teacher and all parents in your child’s class. Parents who can’t be there for the first day of school will be extremely appreciative.

(NOTE: As a courtesy, contact the teacher ahead of time to let her know what you will be doing and how it can be shared with all the families. She can notify the other parents.)

Include digital photos from other parents.

Ask other parents to e-mail you their first-day photos for inclusion in the all-class version of the photo memory book. Remember to mention that the e-mailed version of the memory book is free. Parents can view it online and also share it via e-mail. But they can choose whether or not to purchase a printed book for their child. There is no obligation to do so. This is a really nice feature about putting your projects together on

Photo Memory Books: Hard cover or soft cover; 20-page minimum.

Sizes: 6″x4″ through 12″x12″

Photos Needed: As many as you like — but at least 20. Multiple photos can be placed on some pages if you like. Written messages/captions are also possible.

Cost of E-mail: It’s free to e-mail your completed book in a special “flipping book” version. Family and friends can view your book at no cost to you or them. View a sample photo book I created here.

Cost of Printing: $6.95 to $74.95 based on size and cover choices.

Tip On Sizing Resizing Photo Book Projects: Recipients of the e-mail book version can re-size the book to print the cost/size version they prefer. But it’s important to stay within the original book format — vertical or horizontal layout. Otherwise the photos will not “fit” correctly into the re-sized version. There are several sizes for both vertical and horizontal book designs. So pass this tip along to those who receive your book by e-mail.

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