Back-to-School Locker and Dorm Essentials

Wall Calendars, Daily Planners, Dry Erase Locker Boards and Photo Notebooks Will Help Your Student Stay Organized

Seems like the school year is barely over and you need to start planning for the next one. Start with the organization tools your student can really use — and customize them with photos to make class planning more fun.

Wall Calendar.

Start your student’s calendar with the month of August. Add all the important events coming up for the school year. Don’t forget to include birthdays, anniversaries and special messages you may want to include on other dates. You can make a 12- or 18-month wall calendar and choose from two sizes.

  • Visual Overview: 2024 Wall calendars provide a visual overview of the entire month, making it easy for students to see important dates, deadlines, and upcoming events at a glance.
  • Customization: Students can mark down class schedules, assignment due dates, extracurricular activities, and personal appointments on the calendar.

Daily Planner.

A photo daily planner that your student can take along with them is ideal for helping him or her stay organized. Two sizes are available that can include from 13 to 54 photos. Now that’s a fun way to plan your school week!

Detailed Planning: Daily planners allow for detailed planning on a day-to-day basis, helping students break down tasks and manage their time effectively.
To-Do Lists: Students can create to-do lists, set priorities, and track their progress throughout the day.

Dry Erase Boards.

At 8″x18″, a dry-erase board fits anywhere and in most lockers. Gives your student a place to jot down reminders and notes. Handy in a dorm room for leaving messages for roommates. Pick out some fun photos for your students.

  • Quick Updates: Dry-erase locker boards are excellent for quick updates and reminders. Students can jot down last-minute assignments or important notes before heading to class.
  • Locker Organization: These boards are ideal for keeping locker contents organized, ensuring that textbooks, supplies, and personal items are in their designated spots.

Photo Notebooks.

Surprise your student and his or her friends with photo notebooks. Three sizes are available and you can use one or more photos based on the design you choose.

  • Personal Touch: Photo notebooks can be customized with personal photos, making them more appealing to students.
  • Organization: Students can use these notebooks to take notes, keep track of assignments, and stay organized within each subject.

By using a combination of these organizational tools, students can better manage their time, assignments, and extracurricular activities. It’s important for students to find a system that works best for their individual preferences and needs. Regularly updating these tools and adhering to the planned schedule will help students stay on top of their responsibilities and reduce stress.

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