Alaskan Cruise Memory Book: Wrap-up & Digital Photo Uploading

Getting Last Pix for Photo Book

Victoria, B.C.

The last couple of cruise days flew by so quickly. We stopped in Juneau for a day — it’s a city with a good bit of Alaskan charm. Took some photos there that will tell the story in my cruise memory book. Then on to Victoria, British Columbia for a delightful day in this beautiful city with a distinct British flavor. Then back to Seattle. Then home.

Follow along as I discuss how to sort photos in preparation for creating a trip memory book.

565 Digital Photos Later…

My Alaskan Cruise Photo Book will be packed with great shots from every destination on my trip. Besides my photos, I’ll be able to incorporate my friend’s pix — probably tipping the total number at 700!  Of course, I’ll need to sort out the best and only include those.

Sorting Digital Photos in Folders

Once uploaded to my computer, I’ll set up destination folders or folders based on activities. For my Alaska Cruise, those would be:

  • Seattle — includes pre-cruise and post-cruise days in Seattle
  • At Sea — includes photos of outside/inside the ship, onboard activities, scenic photos while at sea.
  • Ketchikan — scenic shots plus on-shore activity shots
  • Hubbard Glacier — all the shots that involve the glacier.
  • Juneau — city shots, activity shots
  • Victoria, British Columbia — scenic pix plus city/historic photos

Next: Uploading Digital Photos

Once organized on my computer, I’ll upload my photos folder-by-folder to my free account on I can set up a special project folder there for my Alaskan Cruise memory book.

  • No cost to set up an account on
  • No cost to store an unlimited number of photos there for your projects
  • Work on your digital photo book or other projects at your convenience — save and reopen it at any time.
  • E-mail your completed digital photo book — as a turning-page-online photo book — to anyone you’d like.
  • Complete your order for the size, type and quantity of memory books you want — when you’re ready.
  • Remember, the family/friends who receive your photo book e-mail can choose to order a printed copy for themselves. You don’t have to order books for everyone — just yourself!

NEXT: Selecting the features for my digital photo  book

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