Alaskan Cruise Memory Book: Day 3

Celebrity Cruise Ship Infinity

Day 3 of our Alaskan Cruise found us at sea for the day — heading up to the Hubbard Glacier. Plenty of downtime, opportunities for photos at sea and plenty of time to do some photo housekeeping.  I find it simplifies life after vacation if I sort my photos along the way. That way I’m ready to upload my best shots for a digital photo book right aftter the trip.
Here are a few photo organizing tips:

6 Tips for Digital Photo Housekeeping

  1. Review and Delete. Review all your photos and immediately delete those are are out of focus or too dark to salvage.
  2. Transfer Remaining Photos to Computer. Now you can take a closer look at each photo — check for closed eyes, awkward movements or unwanted elements within your photo frame. Now set up 3 folders to cagtegorize your photos as “Good-Better-Best” for potential uses later.
  3. Best Digital Photos. These are the shots you’d want to include in your digital photo book, have framed, or to create a photo banner, photo greeting cards or even a image-wrap canvas wall print.
  4. Better Digital Photos. These are the “less-than-spectacular” shots that have merit because they capture people in a moment that you want to remember or elements of a scene you want to save.  You can do some cropping, red-eye adjustment or other edit to make the best of these photos. You may want some of these in your digital photo book as well.
  5. Good Photos. These are shots that you love but have issues within the frame. Try cropping out the best section and discarding the rest. Zoom in on a facial closeup or on some other detail that really makes the photo important. Salvage it if you can for your photo book. Or simply use these for digital photo prints.
  6. Upload Photos to Use the time to start uploading your photos to so you can have those ready for photo projects and simple photo gifts after your trip. You can set up a free account, upload an unlimited number of photos, set them up in your own project folders and work on those projects at a later date.Puget Sound

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