Alaskan Cruise Memory Book: Day 1 Photos

This is the day we set sail aboard the Celebrity Infinity from Pier 66 in Seattle. We were able to board early and I spent the first few hours snapping digital photos for the first part of my Alaskan Cruise memory book. My plan was to get the basic ship photos early before most of the other guests arrived. These shots would become the opening pages of my photo book.

Planning My Alaskan Cruise Memory Book

Every day of the cruise — including the pre-cruise day in Seattle — offers many opportunities to capture the excitement and anticipation of the trip. With my camera in tow, I began shooting a variety of pictures as soon as we arrived in Seattle. Once on the ship, I started another round of photos for Cruise Day 1 and, as I uploaded them to my netbook computer (which I took along on the trip), I filed them in that order. This process helps me remember what happened each day. Transferring my photos to the computer daily or every couple of days takes a minimal amount of time. I will have taken at least 500 or more photos by the end of the trip.

Chronological Order and Digital Photo Uploading

When I actually begin assembling my cruise memory book on, I’ll upload them in the order of occurrence. Using lifephoto’s automatic page layout function, I’ll be able to quickly complete a reasonably accurate chronological photo story of my trip.

Here are a few that I will be including:

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