Alaskan Cruise Memory Book: Arrival in Seattle

Having arrived a full day before our cruise was set to depart, we had the opportunity to enjoy walking around Seattle. My camera was in  hand the entire day, snapping the photo memories I thought I might like to see in my complete trip memory book.
My husband and I booked the trip with longtime friends, Ed and Pat. Ed is also an avid photographer who prefers putting people in front of his scenic shots. I, on the other hand, love taking snapshots of pure scenery, architecture, flowers and locations, sans smiling faces. He usually gets digital prints made from his photo adventures. I put mine on blogs. This time we’ll pool our digital photos and together, our photos will make a great memory book of our trip.

3 Basic Travel Photo Tips:

  1. Get to know your digital camera’s capabilities and settings before your trip. That way you’ll be more efficient at getting the kind of shot you’d really like to have.
  2. Take several photos of each shot you want to capture. Try different settings to see which captures the scene the best. Settings on a camera are not necessarily “one size fits all.”
  3. Shoot from different angles. Straight on, from above, at eye level. Experiment and you might be pleasantly surprised at the looks you can get.

Getting the Best Seattle Photos

We visited Pike Market and watched the fish mongers toss fish with great flair. We shot some photos from the top of Seattle’s Space Needle. We stayed at the Edgewater Hotel, made famous by the Beatles many years ago. They were photographed fishing right from their hotel window as the Edgewater is built entirely on a pier.  Along the way we toured several great wineries in Woodinville, just north of Seattle. Even took a ferry across Puget Sound to Port Townsend. As we toured the town, I took dozens of photos to be sure I’ll have the best ones for my photo travel book.

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