Alaska Cruise Memory Book: Day 2

Start Shooting Digital Photos from the Ship’s Deck.

The deck of a ship is the perfect location to capture the town “from above.” It gives you such a great view that you can zero in on various sections of town, harbor or mountain backdrop. A mix of these will give you some great shots for your cruise memory book.

Don’t forget to use your digital camera’s zom lens.

A zoom lens captures far-away detail that might get lost in a broader photo. I’d never pick out the “Fish House” in a broad photo like the one below. But I got an interesting shot when I zoomed in on that building. After all, Ketchikan “is” fish — its primary livelihood and an important part of the Ketchikan story in your photo memory book. By the way, this “overview” town photo taken from the ship’s deck clearly conveys the look of a small port town that welcomes the tourist business.

Notice that I aimed my digital camera high in the “Fish House”shot to capture the expansive sky and to avoid cluttering the lower part of the photo with parked cars.

Focus on Detail in Digital Photos

I took photos of the expansive shoreline, but I also zoomed in to get specific photo content.

One particular home setting best depicted a typical family property that included the fishing boats from which the people earn a living.

Wide or expansive shots are nice — that’s what many of us tend to shoot. We want to remember the “big picture” of what we saw. But the real story can often be found in small segments like this harborside fisherman’s home. Plus it will make your vacation photo book more interesting.

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