6 Smart Tips for Longer Rechargeable Battery Life

Rechargeable Batteries for Cameras, Cell Phones and other Electronic Equipment — Extend Their Usable Life

I use rechargeable batteries for my digital camera, but have never thought much about the charging process … until I did some Earth Day research and found these tips on call2recycle.org. It seems there are some do’s and don’ts I’ve missed on how to get an optimal battery charge. See what you think, then pass the information along on Facebook or Twitter.


Rechargeable Battery Tips

Follow the charging guidelines provided by the manufacturer. There are specific battery charging times recommended for each individual product prior to using it for the first time.

Never return a fully-charged battery to the charger for an extra boost. This will actually shorten the life of the battery.

Do not leave your rechargeable battery in the charger when not charging.

Let a battery cool to room temperature before recharging.

Recharge batteries only when they are close to no charge.

TIP 6 — Recycle
When they no longer hold a charge and it’s time to buy a replacement rechargeable battery, make sure to recycle your old one! To find a drop-off location nearest you, call toll free 877.2.RECYCLE or enter your zip code here to find a recycling location near you.
Battery Recycling

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