5th Grade Rocks — Photo Book for One Terrific Teacher

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Photo Book for a teacherOne Teacher + One Class = Unforgettable 5th Grade Memory Book

The title of this photo book tells it all — 5th Grade Rocks! The kids and the teacher just “clicked” and everyone had a good time throughout the year. That’s why the class honored her with an extraordinary photo book depicting all the best of a year that flew by all too quickly. (See the Photo Sharing Preview of the whole book.)

Photos and Notes from the Students

The mom who put this book together used a wide range of photos from throughout the year:

5th Grade Rocks photo book -- class parties
  • Individual and group photos that include each student
  • Event photos — class trips, parties, dress up days, sports
  • Photos of teachers
  • A personal note written by each student expressing their feelings about the teacher and the entire year they spent in her class.
  • Photos of children with their teacher

Photo Sharing at Its Best

dedication page in 5th Grade photo book

The hardcover photo book — complete with a photo jacket — was recently presented to the teacher by the students. She was thrilled! Not only can parents order copies for themselves (from lifephoto.com on which the book was created), but a link to the complete book can be posted on Facebook, Twitter, other social media sites and e-mailed. So everyone can enjoy the book.

5th Grade Rocks photo book

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