5 Ways to Use a Canvas Art Print to Add Style, Color and Life to Your Home

Are you tired of looking at that drab space of white in front on your desk every morning? Or maybe you want to brighten up your daughter’s room without busting the bank? Or do you need a unique way to display those lovely photos from your son’s wedding?

Well, we have the perfect solution for you – Canvas Art Prints.

Inexpensive Home Décor Made Possible

Our art prints on canvas make decorating your home on a budget super-easy. With ¾ inch thick frame edges and canvas printed photos wrapped tightly around the box frame, these prints add an instant touch of elegance and creativity to every space. Whether it is the living room, the den, the study or a bedroom, canvas art prints can be added to virtually any area of your home to brighten it up easily.

Unique Way to Showcase Special Memories

When you are looking for a beautiful but unusual way to display once-in-a-lifetime photos, the canvas art print is an obvious choice. It is classy, chic and yes, quite cool-looking as well. Check out all the new designs we have in store and you’ll be floored.

Adding Art at a Fraction of the Cost

Is there a art aficionado lurking inside you? Indulge yourself with these artistic prints that cost way less than a painting, but would bring you much more pleasure because they display your cherished photographs.

Personalized, One-of-a-Kind Photo Displays

Canvas art prints are truly one-of-a-kind photo displays. You can group them together and create an ‘arty’ wall or spread them through the house for a coordinated look. Picture a wall filled with art prints of your kids’ birthdays or photos of extended family. Wow!

Classy, Gorgeous Gifts for All Reasons

Yes, canvas art prints make seriously awesome gifts for all reasons and occasions. If it is a wedding, you can create a gorgeous, sentimental print of the loving couple. For a housewarming, put together a canvas print of the new homeowners. For holidays and celebrations, create a collage of photos from last year’s celebrations. Yes, the options are endless.

Sweet Deal on Affordable Art

Yes, canvas art prints are affordable but we want to sweeten the deal more and make them harder to resist.

So, we’re offering you a cool 35% OFF on all canvas art prints until 03/31/2012. Use the coupon code LUCKY at checkout to get 35% off and bring classy, personalized photo art into your home!

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