5 Awesome Photography Blogs by Moms

Here, at Lifephoto, we love scouting the Internet for goodness to share with ALL of you. This month, we thought we’d kick it off by sharing some really neat photography blogs by moms who’re also proud owners of photography businesses.

Why moms?

Because we’re all about supporting the small guy (or gal, in this case) and mom-owned businesses or blogs are a great place to start.

So, here are some great photography mom blogs to help you click great photos of the kids whenever, wherever:

1. Mom Tog by DrewB 

This candid and helpful blog is written by DrewB who blogs about being a mom and her love for photography. From her About Page, “Whether you are a professional photographer who is looking for advice on how to manage your own business and your family or if you are a mom who is looking for tips on how to take better pictures of your kids, I hope that you can find some good information and be inspired!”

 2. Becoming Mom by Ariana 

Ariana’s blog has tips and tutorials for the avid photographer, along with insights into her life as a self-confessed helicopter mom. From showing you how to use Photoshop to taking you on a tour of her Nursery, she does it all and with class.

3. Mom Camera 

This blog is a great read and a must-visit for every mom who wants to learn more about photography. Written by Gayle, the blog offers some awesome tips just for mom photographers and iif you’re in the Utah area, you can always sign up for Gayle’s photography classes as well.

4. Clik with Me 

This blog is written by Anna who is on her own quest to become a better photographer and the blog is a chronicle of her learning. Join her as she shares gorgeous photos, tips and tutorials to help YOU take better photos as well.

 5. Life in Motion 

This amazing blog offers photographers a LOT, including tons of inspiration via gorgeous photos. This one should be on your list if you plan on learning about professional birth photography. Yep, it is cuteness personified.

Do you have a favorite mom photography blog? Do share!

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Photo Credit: Janek Mann 

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