4 Tips For Keeping Family Photo Calendar Organised 

There are so many responsibilities within the family that we need to keep records of. Sports practice, meetings, dentist appointments, and many more lists get added up for the day. In this modern scenario, we have to keep track of lists and that goes on forever. The only way to keep up with all the tasks is by staying organized. It is essential to ensure that every member of the family maintains the schedule and does not overschedule or take on more tasks that cannot be handled.

Below are some simple and easy tips to keep everyone on the customized calendar’s task and stay happy:

  1. Keeping The Tasks On The Calendar And Syncing Them

Ensuring that everyone in the family adds events and appointments to the wall calendars. This may sound obvious, but not every member of the family remembers and keeps the photo wall calendars updated. This results in schedule nightmares in the end. Scheduling two events at a time is risky. Considering every aspect such as work, chores homework need to get synched and seamlessly coordinated. 

  1. Making Space In the Centre For Wall Calendar

The photo calendars can be of any size. Most families prefer large-sized calendars where all the events and appointments can fit in. No matter what photo calendar 2024 we use, it must be kept in a central location where members can watch it frequently on a daily basis. It can be a fridge, kitchen,  dining room, family room, or living room. The wall calendars need to be at the level of eyes and the words need to be clear and legible. This needs to be accessible to all the family members. 

  1. Letting All Members Of The Family Involved

Pre-readers can not be involved in the family calendar, but the kids can be shown what the photo calendars for 2024 look like and the reason for using them. They can be involved in the discussions, especially in the fun events which they would love to attend. 

Children who are older can see the centrally located calendar and can go through their schedules and events for the day which they can mostly benefit from.  A large calendar makes the children see and contemplate to the flow of their day. 

  1. Check-Ins Of The Day Is Must

Calendars are necessary when there is a busy family and especially when the family is large. There are certain reminders that need to be checked for the day or weeks. Custom Calendars help in having weekly family meetings where there are discussions about upcoming events, adding any forgotten meetings or events to the calendar. This is a time to check if everyone in the family is comfortable with their schedules. How kids are enjoying their extracurricular activities and how the tutor is doing? Checking in with the family and going through the check-ins about the family is important for morale and it ensures that the calendar’s schedule is working for everyone.

During sleep time, again members go through the schedule at night for the next day. This helps to keep track and there are no sudden surprises the following day. Talking to the spouse beforehand about the events can help out with transportation, childcare, or last-minute changes in the schedule. 

Calendars with photos give peace of mind as you go about your busy life to have all the family’s events and appointments organized, in one location, and shared among family members. Implement a shared calendar with LifePhoto’s 2024 photo calendar and simplify your life. 

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