3 Things to Do with Digital Photos

Welcome to the Simple Photo Gifts blog where you’ll find ideas on how to turn your individual photos into terrific projects and gifts that will be treasured forever. My name is Tish and you can read about who I am and why I’m starting this blog on the “About” page. I hope you’ll have as much fun creating these projects as I’ll have to share them with you.

Easy Online Digital Photo Projects

Have a lot of digital photos? What can you do with all those photos on your camera, computer, and photo CDs?

  1. Email. You can send them to family and friends. But then what? Nobody will look at them again. E-mail recipients are not likely to print them out.
  2. Print. Get your pictures printed and hand a stack of photos to Grandma or Cousin Tilly. They’ll look at them, show a couple of people, then perhaps set them aside, maybe putting them in a shoebox for safekeeping. Unless you’re getting them framed for the recipient, the photos have a very short viewing life.
  3. Create photo projects. Pick out only the best of your photos and build a memory book online or a calendar, journal,  notebook, banner, or other project.
    Your photos then become a keepsake for you or a gift that will bring enjoyment over and over again. Your photo books will live on the coffee table and be shared with every guest. Smaller memory books, cards, or a day planner will be carried in a pocket or purse. Photo calendars, banners, or other home decor items will forever be in view and enjoyed by everyone who sees them.

Got boxes of prints stashed under the bed?

You can use these for photo projects too. We’ll talk about how to select the best of those old photos, scan them into a digital format, and then create the same kind of photo projects online as you would for current digital photos. Get those old pictures out of ancient albums and cardboard boxes and start enjoying them and sharing them in a new way.

NEXT:  Let me introduce you to Lifephoto.com and how easy it is to make a back-to-school dry-erase board. Great for lockers!

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