3 Back-to-School Organizers with a Fun Photo Twist

Get Your Students Organized with Calendar Tools They’ll Love to Use

Get them organized. Help them stay organized. Here are three organization and scheduling tools that will make daily school scheduling more fun:

  1. Dry Erase Boards.
    Lifephoto dry erase noteboardNotes and reminders will keep a student on track. Marker boards fit conveniently in any locker or dorm door and come with an erasable marker that sticks to the board with Velcro tabs. Each board is printed on metallic paper, which gives it a liquid-like finish and subtle reflection. Choose from a variety of designs and include one or more of your student’s favorite photos. 8″x18″ dry erase board — custom designed by your — is just $18.
  2. Wall Calendars. back-to-school wall calendar from lifephotoStart your student’s calendar with the month of August — the time they need to really begin getting organized for school. Incorporate special dates, birthdays, reminders, personal messages and school events into each month of the school year. Add one or more great photos to each month. Two calendar sizes are available — choose from 12- or 18-month calendar formats. $14.95 to $21.35.
  3. Daily Planners.Lifephoto student daily organizerThe ultimate student organizer he or she will take with them everywhere! Here’s another opportunity to make school organization fun — add great photos and lots of notes, reminders or silly comments throughout the year. Two day planner sizes are available and choose from 13, 27 or 54 photos that can be included. Pricing for a student’s ultra-cool personal daily planner starts at $21.

Lifephoto’s Custom Wall Calendar can be helpful for students in several ways:

  1. Personalized Organization: Students can create a 2024 calendar that suits their specific needs. They can customize it to include important dates, exam schedules, project deadlines, and personal commitments, making it a valuable tool for staying organized.
  2. Visual Reminders: A 2024 wall calendar with personal photos or motivational images can serve as visual reminders. This can help students stay motivated, reduce stress, and make their study space more inviting.
  3. Time Management: A 2024 custom calendar allows students to plan and manage their time effectively. They can mark study sessions, classes, and other activities, helping them balance their academic and personal lives.
  4. Goal Setting: Students can use their custom wall calendar to set and track academic and personal goals. This visual representation of their objectives can serve as a daily reminder of what they’re working toward.
  5. Memory Aid: Students can use the calendar to record important dates, such as assignment due dates, exam dates, and extracurricular activities. This can help prevent them from forgetting important obligations.

Ultimately, Lifephoto’s Custom Wall Calendar can be a versatile tool for students to enhance their organization, time management, and personal expression, making their academic journey more efficient and enjoyable.

Get started now. See these and other back-to-school organization tools on Lifephoto.com.

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