20 Ways to a More Organized YOU

January is the perfect month to make small changes that can have a big impact on your life through the year. Getting organized and productive is key to most people, regardless of what they do or where they live. Yes, it is an important part of our life, too, here at Lifephoto.

So, here are 20 simple but effective ways to get organized in 2012.

1. Use a Day Planner to plan appointments and schedules related to work.

2. Use a Family Calendar to keep track of everyone’s routines.

3. Use a Dry-Erase Board in the kitchen to note down supplies that need replenishment.

4. Put up a bulletin board in the foyer for notes to members, reminders and chores.

5. Sift, scan and shred mail right when you get it.

6. Make a Gift List for the year and put it into your day planner.

7. Use a notebook to capture thoughts and ideas through the idea.

8. Make homework easier by setting up a homework station and using fun notebooks to keep kids engaged.

9. Keep photos for different occasions organized by creating photo books.

10. Organize your recipes into attractive and easy-to-read photo cookbooks 

11. Organize your closets with labels and baskets for easy storage.

12. Sign up for electronic communication instead of regular mail to reduce the inflow of paper into your home.

13. Keep a “Donate” carton in the mud room and put everything that is small or not needed into it to give away at the end of the month.

14. Use photos to organize what’s inside toy boxes to make it easy for preschoolers and toddlers to sort and store.

15. Organize the school year at the start with a photo planner and pencil in holidays, vacation time, camp sch

edules, fairs and other school-related activities.

16. Organize creativity time to keep kids busy and off the television. Gift young kids photo journals and encourage them to practice writing skills.

17. Organize craft projects into scrapbooks. Simply take photos of the projects, upload into albums for each child and create one-of-a kind scrapbooks at the end of every school year.

18. Get morning madness under control by placing backpacks, lunches and homework on a table in the foyer the night before.

19. Save paper and your sanity by using dry-erase boards to jot down to-dos for the day.

20. Make organizing fun by personalizing it a little. Adding fun photos to planners, notebooks and calendars is a great way to start!

How will YOU be getting organized in 2012?

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