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Keep the Good Times Alive — Use Your Photos!

Use ’em or lose ’em! Don’t take the photos, look at them once and stash them away in a drawer. Use the photos to keep the great memories alive.

Follow Simple Photo Gifts for fresh ideas on taking better photos and using them for simple, creative and inexpensive photo gifts — books, booklets, notebooks, personal posters, day planners, accordion cards, photo playing cards and more.

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Free Eco Friendly Digital Prints from Lifephoto

Once you sign up for post notifications via e-mail or RSS feed, I’ll e-mail you a coupon for 20 free 4″x6″ eco friendly photo prints from Lifephoto.com. When you place your first order — for any photo product  — use the coupon code to get your free prints. Get 20 prints of the same photo — or one print of 20 photos FREE!

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